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Incorporated to offer cleaning services In a different way from industry norms.

Ace Zone Limited is a Kenyan Incorporated Cleaning Company that is locally owned.

Our business model focuses on clients needs that drive service delivery, with attention to detail, quality and time lines to ensure client satisfaction.

This is achieved through a committed team that endeavors to achieve the best results through innovation, use of the latest technologies and trends as well as executing works to local and international standards.

ace zone limited - cleaning services

To lead the cleaning service industry through outstanding customer service and meticulous quality control.

To offer quality and affordable high end cleaning services.

We believe in maintaining the highest standard of professionalism, integrity, positive attitude, respect and service delivery that meets and surpasses expectations while offering prompt and lasting solutions that stand the test of time.

We Are Different

What makes us different?

Ace distinguishes itself from other cleaning service providers in the market with its hands on management style and team work ethic. We take pride in not only making our cleaning staff accountable to our clients, but by ensuring that accountability carries on through to our management team whom clients will always have direct access to.

As experts we consistently deliver exceptional results through our adaptable and extensive team.

Seamless, No-hassle, Start-up Procedures

Ace is known for its seamless, no-hassle, start-up procedures and on site induction for all staff. We acknowledge that every facility is unique and therefore our services need to be tailored to meet this.

At a client’s request, we also endeavor to color code our cleaning equipment to meet the corporate colors of the facility – we believe aesthetics are also important, even in cleaning.

Quality Control Plan for Each Client

After the start Ace creates a systematic approach to keep facilities looking clean and professional.

We create a quality control plan for each client for FREE as a way of saying thank you for the business.